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Guest Blog Post by Shalom Govero                                                                         
February is well known as the month of love and one of the things that can make love, friendships or life sour is money. But it doesn't have to be so! Money used well can enrich friendships, help create memories and can even solve problems. When it comes to money, perspective and purpose matters. You see, money is a tool; a neutral commodity. It's what you do with it that matters. Evil men with money have destroyed communities. Good men with money have started worldwide movements to benefit humanity.                                                              
Think of how you feel or behave when you have a generous amount of money in your bank account or pocket. There is usually an endless list of things that you can do with that money. When you plan the use of your monthly income, do you think creatively of how you can use that money to benefit others? Do you also think of how you can support your friends that are in business when you purchase your monthly items? Someone in your friendship circle may sell an item that you buy every month.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
I often think of ways to use my money to enrich my relationships. Each month I put some money in my budget for "on-the-go" gifts. A muffin or a bar of chocolate for a friend that I have randomly met can put a smile on their face. If they have a family, a loaf of bread or some milk can go a long way especially in difficult times that we find ourselves in as Zimbos. I also think of ways to make money management more fun and less of a dread! So, as an example, if I manage to save money on crucial budget items like food, I put that money towards self care (a manicure or a piece of jewelry).                                                                                                                                                                               
So this month, think of ways that you can spend money to enrich your relationships. Maybe that gift to your spouse will remind them that they are still important to you even though the kids are consuming your time and energy. Or maybe saving some money on your budget can allow you to spend some money on yourself. Give yourself a reward that suits your preference. I am thinking of treating myself to Michelle Obama's Becoming book (given I save some money on my budget!:)                                                                                                             
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