November 29, 2019 2 min read

Jewellery makes a lovely gift in my humble opinion. Its a perfect way to remind someone you love them by something they will wear again and again. But its not always easy to pick out a piece that will be LOVED and WORN!
I enjoy helping people find what is perfect for them or their loved ones. With Christmas coming up, gift picking can seem overwhelming so I thought I would share a few tips:)                                                                  
1. Does she like delicate or statement jewellery?

Take a few minutes or a few days to observe what they already wear. Is it big, bold, hard to miss jewelry or its small, dainty and subtle? If you get this right your gift will be loved!

For women who like statements:

Dancing Girl Earrings - Joy Collection

 For  women who like Dainty and subtle:

Wildflower studs- Savanna Collection


2. How would you describe their personality or the reason for this gift?

A person's personality usually affects what they will wear so it's good to consider this when choosing a gift. I have some tips that might totally help! So it is probably a good idea to reach out and chat about what may be the perfect gift.

3. For the easy going smart casual lady. -You know that one who has to be wearing some piece of jewellery all the time?

Our Minimalist Collection is a no brainer. Simple, classic whimsical pieces that  can be worn anytime, anywhere. 

4. Not really sure about all the above?

Our Savanna Collection or Connected Collection is a good starting point. Our Msasa jewellery and our leaf jewellery is incredibly popular with many people whilst our Connected collection pieces make for a more thoughtful gift. The metal hugs each gemstone in each piece as a symbol of "I love you, I'm thinking of you " AND you can select gemstone that is significant to the wearer. 

I hope this makes it a bit easier to pick out those perfect gifts. If not, do contact us. I simply enjoy putting clues together to help you pick something that will be loved.


I love chatting and picking out gifts!  So please do not hesitate to ask.
I hope you will find your perfect gift at Eileen M Jewellery.


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