March 23, 2020 3 min read

I am deeply unsettled with the report of the first official case and now death in Zimbabwe. If you are anything like me, you have been hoping our little teapot-shaped country would be miraculously protected whilst bracing for the worst.

It doesn't take much to grasp the implications for us. I hope you are being sensible and following the guidelines from WHO. Yesterday I chatted with a Grandmother from my Granny's very remote rural area (-at a very safe distance!); she told me that in her village area they have repeatedly been told to stay home away from other people; and on Saturday the very big church in her area was stopped from meeting AND people around her are taking serious notice of the virus because schools are closing. She was very informed and is taking precautions with herself and the kids in her care. I can't tell you how much I found this heartening. Now is the time to take a deep breathe and be the positive beacon. Be calm, be at peace; the alternative is simply not an option. 

With that thought here are a few good things for you to focus on:

1. MOST people who catch the virus recover. 

2. We can practice social distancing whilst remaining CONNECTED. Like you reading this blog in the comfort of your home;)

3. The number of cases where the outbreak began is reportedly falling. 

4. The world at large is coming together in a stunningly beautiful way.  And with the beautiful stories that popped up after Cyclone Idai I think we may yet surprise ourselves. 

5. Children seem to be less infected and have milder cases.

6. The virus did not start here so we are better prepared - on a personal level at least.

7. Having most of the world's population stay at home has actually been good for the earth. Pollution etc- who knows where that will lead after all this is over?

Those are some of the good things I keep thinking on when I'm choking from the bad, terrible and worse news from the media.

Lastly I ran into some of these a few days ago and well read on if you will;)


And so I hope these strange times find you looking for the positive and that you remain healthy.



P.S On another note you might wonder what Covid-19 means for a small business such as ours. To begin with; you won't be seeing us in person for a while- for your safety and ours. With the jewellery some gemstones will be missing for a while. But don't be too worried; other options will be available- my gemstone hoarding side knew this day would come😂.  You will be glad to know our day to day in the studio now includes a lot more hand washing, surface disinfecting and thorough cleaning and re-cleaning on every piece that leaves the studio. For now the online store will keep running with free delivery; - we are here for those birthdays, anniversaries and self treats.

PSS: Please do your part and wash, wash your hands  and STAY HOME!!!!!



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