July 08, 2020 2 min read

Let me tell you a little bit about our Minimalist collection. Sometimes this Savanna girl pops away from the savanna, the msasa and jacaranda trees.


I grew up on farms, living in a remote areas as in really out of the way! Every time I visit a big city I notice the lines and negative spaces A LOT. The differences draw my eyes like a moth to a flame. When I was younger I couldn't find any allure in the sometimes harsh lights and the faster pace. But now I wonder at that, cities have a beauty all their ownOne I was compelled to celebrate in creating our Minimalist Collection. 

You might wonder what concrete jungles and smooth, beautiful jewellery pieces have in common. Let me try to paint a picture. Take this bridge for example:

Every time I passed it, I could not help but marvel at its beauty. It looks light but it is strong enough to support trains and multiple humans. Incredibly functional and yet alluring. I kept admiring and mulling...Pieces like the Arch earrings, Loop earrings and Looped arch earrings were the result. Earrings that are lighter than they appear, they draw the eye without dominating the look blending with multiple looks and hairstyles making them the ultimate must have. My personal favorite are the Swirl earrings.


The negative spaces really get my mind going, its what is there and what is not there. I have delightfully spent hours and hours walking around buildings just to see what the negative spaces look like from different perspectives then pondered how to capture some of that delight in a necklace. The Orb Chain and Isosceles ring were a result of some of that musing. The Orb is made from one strip of metal with the polished vs matte never quite touching but drawing the eye on and on. The Isocleles ring is a fun little triangle or is it a claw ;) wearable on any and almost every finger, at the bottom of the finger or the top of the finger, right way up or upside-down.

And so we have a lightweight collection for the woman on the move. Whimsical, lighthearted with a touch of elegance.  


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