April 21, 2021 3 min read

Well hello there, just what is it that draws so many of us towards jewellery again and again?? As a lover of sparkling gems and metals I have given up on discovering the exact whys and hows; it just is. As it happens history agrees with me. Jewellery adornment has been around on every continent for a long, long time. Once mostly an expression of wealth and prestige, these days having a piece of jewellery is about more than just that. There is something disarmingly charming about a little wearable piece of art that expresses a veiled facet of one's character. 

That one small piece of jewellery can display personality and signature look whilst more often than not expressing love is rather remarkable. Thousands of years ago we started wearing jewellery and we just never stopped, as history has showed few things will last longer. These portable oft intimate pieces can be enjoyed again and again usually by several generations.  

Instead of filling this blog post with glamorous stories of kings, queens, famous people and their gifts to each other I thought this might be a good time to feature a couple of our custom made stories with real everyday people. 


THREE STONE RING: Sometimes a small hint goes a long way!

Three stone ring for a Mum of three.

Perhaps one of the most heart warming gifts I have made is the three stone ring which began with an idea from one of my previous designs. Mum tagged her daughter Kylie on a social media post on our Facebook page and Kylie secretly got in touch some months later on behalf of her other siblings. Because of three kids' love for their Mum, a simple 'she likes this' turned into 'since we are are pooling together, why don't we make it more personal?!' So the design changed from a single gemstone into three representing each child. The stones were selected, the size finalised and this was the result. My favourite moment was when Kylie's Mum got into touch after getting the ring to say; "Eileen I just wanted to say I love my ring; it's beautiful." 




Birthstone Rings

Sometimes a Mum has to treat herself. Self-love that is motivated by others and spills to others is perhaps one of the most important. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with a Mum of two on several birthstone pieces representing her children's birthstones. Each design was deliberately chosen to reflect her a bit, each gemstone handpicked to work just for her. Everything was very specifically tweaked to her liking. She brought to life rings not only for herself but for her teen daughter; fulfilling a promise she made to her daughter when she was just a toddler. 


 Same ring, different lighting

Kerry commissioned a ring with her baby's birthstone among other pieces. We went back and forth on several pieces of jewellery. These included custom designed, self designed and a few collection items. This colour change Alexandrite ring was one of the resulting jewels. You can absolutely never have too much jewellery and if you are going to be growing a collection; why not make sure its full of jewellery you absolutely love?? 



2020 Gift Boxes


Born to one but mothered by more than one? Last year we had the pleasure of delivering two of our Mother's Day gift boxes on behalf of Jess; a daughter who was stuck far away. We were fundraising to support the small clinic we took on during the pandemic and it was nearly unbelievable the ripples of joy that came from one act. We were able to buy supplies for the small clinic and in so doing supported many new Mums to be. Jess' gift boxes were well received, worn and loved and then some months later; one of the gemstones from one of the gift boxes came back for a special one on one custom made piece for one of her Mums.  

So with Mother's Day coming up; I hope I have given you some ideas for the Mother or Mothers in your life?

Once upon a time, jewellery may have primarily been a symbol of wealth and power and hey who am I kidding even now it still is sometimes but we find that there is a lot of love behind many of our small packages. Yes these mini works of art can be just a bit showy but the hearts behind jewellery gifts are usually just simply loving and the gifts themselves treasured because of where they come from. So if you are still here and considering a Mother's Day jewellery gift; click here to see our Mother's Day selection and goodies for this year. 


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