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For one reason or the other; you might need to check your size or loved one’s size at home. Maybe you are buying yourself a ring or maybe you are the thoughtful gift giver who wants to get it just right. There are so many options listed online that it’s hard to know which way is best. Because I’m always fencing questions on why one way is better than the other and why some ways are just not worth your time; I’m going to list a number of ways here going from the best to the worst.     

One thing you need to understand about rings sizes is that they are very specific, a measurement as small as half a millimetre makes a difference. Another important thing to note is that just like clothes; different countries and regions have their own way of measuring ring sizes. We use the  British A to Z letter sizing system, this same system is also used in Australia and South Africa.

So what is the best way to check at home? Here we go:



Metal Ring sizers

Ring sizers are metal rings in full sizes and half sizes ranging from smallest to largest. Sort of like a keychain. These are what a jeweller will use when checking your size.

The nice thing about these is that they give you a very good idea of what the ring will feel like on your finger.

Price: $$$

Accuracy: 100%

Should I do this?: If you have the money to spend then yes this is the best.



How to place a ring on a ruler to check ring diameter

If you have a ring that fits on the finger you want to put the new ring on, then this is an easy and extremely accurate way to check at home. Thank covid for this one, we could not meet our clients and had to rely on a method usually reserved as plan B. I have since noticed a number of local jewellers start to use this method too, proving it is usefulness. So what you need is a ruler with millimeters and a ring that fits. This is only going to work if the ring used forms a perfect circle when viewed from the side, not a deformed ring or one that is half open at the bottom.  The measurement used to check your size is the diameter on the inside of the ring. All you have to do is place the ring on a ruler, measure the widest part of the ring and send a picture like the one above.

Any jeweller will be able to get the size from such a picture regardless of what sizing system they use. The new ring will fit just like that one. It is usually helpful to send the jeweller a picture of the ring worn on that finger too.

Price: $$$

Accuracy: 100%

Should I do this?: If you have a ring that fits, this is a no-brainer.



Adjustable plastic sizer

Another very easy way to check ring sizes at home; is to buy a plastic sizer. This sizer is a little belt that goes around any finger. It is made from thick plastic so it its something you can use over and over again. You adjust it up or down until the ring is not falling off or too tight. We stock adjustable sizers that work with the ring sizing system we use in studio. You can buy one here.

 Price: $$$

Accuracy: 95%

Should I do this?: If you do not have a ring that fits, absolutely yes.



When you google How to check your Ring size at home or Online Ring Size checker; several printable paper ring size guides will pop up. Granted these can give a good idea of size when done right, too many things need to align for me to say this is simple and accurate. First the guide itself has to be properly calibrated. Too many are not. Then you have to print the guide at exactlythe right scale for it to have any hope of success. To top it off, this method has more room for error than the methods above. Sizing by paper can be subject to misreading or crumpling.

Price: $$$

Accuracy: It depends, usually not accurate.

Should I do this?: Unless you have no other option then no. If you must; try to check if the jeweller you are buying from has a guide first.



By far the most popular go to option I get asked about. It seems so easy to just grab some string and place it around your finger then measure it against a ruler.  But ring sizes are extremely detailed. One irksome milimeter is enough to muddle things. A single millimetre can make the ring too big or too small. I cannot tell you just how many people have sent me measurements taken this way and always, the measurement sent translates to a very unlikely ring size and the final ring doesn't fit. Since I have not had even one person send me an accurate measurement checked this way; I think its not worth your time. 

Price: $$$

Accuracy: very tricky to get accurate.

Should I do this?: Don’t bother.


If you can accurately guess a person's clothing size; it stands to reason that you can make an educated guess towards their ring size right? I wish this was the case. Unfortunately in most cases ring sizes do not correlate well to a person's height or weight. 

Guessing too big could be insulting and guessing too small will spoil an otherwise beautiful moment. 

Price: $$$

Accuracy: not usually accurate.

Should I do this?: No to avoid disappointment and the need for resizing, I would spend a bit of time trying one of the above methods.



💍 Each finger has a different size. Left hand sizes and right hand sizes usually differ too.

💍 Wider bands fit more snugly than thin bands so you will want to make sure your jeweller is accounting for band width to get a comfy band.

💍 When stacking multiple rings, its usually a good idea to size up slightly.

💍 A perfect fit is not hard to put on or take off and it should not be tight or loose enough to randomly turn around.

💍 Rings with open bands are adjustable, you can adjust the metal very slightly to size up or down. Our Wildflower ring and Zim Map Statement ringare adjustable.  

💍 Ring sizes change throughout a person’s lifetime



👉Preganacy- fingers swell due to water retention

👉Weight-gain or weight-loss

👉Warm or cold weather



Generally speaking size M. The average size range is L to P.


Generally speaking size T. The Average size range is R to V.

Eileen M sells rings in more than the average sizes, ranging from extra small to really big. We even custom manufacture rings for people who can’t find their sizes on the ring size system. I hope this is helpful? If you buy a ring from us and it ends up not fitting you will be happy to know that we offer free resizing on rings without gemstones and a subsidised rate for rings with gemstones.


Colourful Gemstone rings



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