Wishbone Ring

The wishbone symbolises eternal love, prosperity, hope and wishes granted. One of my favourite childhood memories is Sunday lunch. Mama always made chicken, laid out the best china and insisted everyone be at the table with no phones. 

Always two of the family would split the wishbone and the one who broke off the larger part would get a wish fulfilled. Mum started cooking early morning every Sunday because it was always a BIG meal,  I would usually work right alongside her snacking and learning. One lesson I had to learn over and over was how to cut the wishbone right.

I think we got this wishbone ring right. You can pick a shallow v, a deep V or both. They both stack well against other rings. If you enjoy flexibility then you really ought to go for both. There are endless ways to style them.

  • Handcrafted Ring
  • Sterling silver
  • Partially polished and partially matte