Wildflower Stud earrings

Tiny flower on a stem earrings wearable 3 ways! Sparkling gemstone colors in a whimsical setting. Blue topaz to remind you of clear blue skies on a hot sunny day, perfect purple amethyst for that striking flower along the path, lively peridot for that playful moment on the grass or deep raspberry rhodolite garnet to echo the beauty of the sunset your camera failed to capture.
Beautiful moments to treasure, each one.   
This earring was inspired by one bright sun soaked day, walking through the savanna, serenaded by those uniquely African bush sounds and charmed by the dozens of tiny wildflowers dancing in the breeze. The earrings are wearable 3 ways; - as simple studs and as flower studs with the wire stem facing either way.
  • Handcrafted wild flower studs. 
  • Sterling silver with semi precious gemstone.
  • Matte inside with polished outside.
  • Lightweight hardened by hammering and forming.

Made with comfort in mind these flower studs sit perfectly on the ear with the detachable long wire stem gracefully arcing from the back of the ear. You can remove the stem and wear the earrings as simple studs or wear them with the stem curved forwards or backwards. A sterling silver stopper keeps the earring and wire stem in place.

We can make these with almost any gemstone or change the length. Please contact us if you want these customised. We love to create perfect pieces for our customers!

*Please note that this is a stock photo and all the studs might vary slightly as they are formed by hand,natural gemstones will also vary in exact colour but they are all just as beautiful!