Two Stone Chain

Two gemstones for two special people. Have you ever tried to hug two squiggling kids one under either arm? It can get a bit awkward but fun always! Even with grown up friends sometimes your arm is twisted this way or that. This pendant has two arms, a nod to slightly um twisted arm loving moments.


  • Handcrafted pendant
  • Sterling silver
  • Semi-precious gemstones - 4mm
  • Dimensions: about 20mm long and 17mm at widest point.
  • Chain Length: 42cm and 45cm

This chain is available with several options of gemstones. We invite you to pick just what you like and thus build your own combination. Select the gemstone you want for Gemstone 1 and Gemstone 2. If you are unfamiliar with the colours of semi-precious gemstones here is a colour guide to help.


Each Two Stone chain is made to order. Please allow 4 to 14 working days (excluding shipping) for it to be created.

**We can make this with almost any gemstone. If the gemstone you want is not listed Please contact us. We love to create perfect pieces for our customers!

*Please note that these are photographs of selected pieces and all the pendants might vary slightly as they are formed by hand, natural gemstones will also vary in exact color but they are all just as beautiful!