Msasa Pod Cufflinks

Imagine walking under a Msasa tree gentle wind with blue skies and perfect sunshine overhead, pods crackling underfoot. Snap, crackle, crunch!
We created Msasa Twist sud earrings like this some years ago but alas we have had so many complaints about Fathers, Brothers, Partners and Husbands who love Msasa Pods too! So we sat down to create something for him. They are just like the much beloved stud earrings but much thicker and heavier to withstand handling. They are smoothly finished so they feel lovely in the hand. 

  • Sterling silver handcrafted Msasa pods.
  • Thick solid hardened silver.
  • Polished and matte finish.
  • Convenient swing and lock mechanism.


*Please note that this is a photo of one pair of cufflinks and all the cufflinks might vary slightly as they are formed by hand but they are all just as beautiful!