Jacaranda Pod Necklace

If you land in Zimbabwe at the right time, nothing says welcome home like an avenue lined with purple cloaked Jacaranda trees. Purple carpeted streets and roads are pretty hard to not enjoy.  If you observe you will notice that in winter the leaves on the Jacaranda tree are an unbelievable, mesmerizing green gold. We have three Jacaranda trees right outside our studio and we have said for years just how much joy they bring throughout the year. We love Jacarandas! So not surprising that this piece had to be made.

The pendant is inspired by Jacaranda tree pods and the purple flowers. The pod forms a background for brilliantly matched amethysts. It is a statement piece that rises up to occasions perfectly. You can also get away with wearing it in a less formal setting if you dress just right!

Product details:

  • Sterling silver and amethysts. 
  • Formed and hardened by hand
  • Highly polished finish with polished scratched finish
  • Pendant length about 4cm long
  • The pendant comes on a standerd length corded silver chain or wire choker. (Standerd length is 40, 42 or 45 cm, if you have a length preference just add a note at checkout.)

We totally get that you might lean towards a slim unobtrusive chain or thick solid chain that is very noticeable. So you can pick the one you like! It is the exact same type of chain, both strong, just one thicker than the other.  


Each piece is made to order. Please allow 3 to 14 working days (excluding shipping) for it to be created. 


*Please note that these are photographs of onepod and there will be slight hue differences in the gemstones as they are all natural. The pods are formed by hand so no two pods will ever be completely identical.