Gemstone Cuff

One for the ages! 
This Cuff is crafted in solid thick silver that resembles fortitude and strength even in trying times. A beautiful central gemstone echoes the rarity of the individual.
This one’s for that stalwart lady; she who keeps on and on going.

  • Handcrafted silver bangle with semi precious gemstone
  • Bangle is around 0.9cm wide.

We can make these with almost any gemstone. Please contact us if you want this customised. We love to create perfect pieces for our customers! 


Each cuff is made to order. Please allow 5 to 10 working days (excluding shipping) for it to be created. 

*Please note that these are photographs of selected cuffs and natural gemstones will vary in exact colour and tone but they are all just as beautiful. 

Please Note: once you have adjusted your bangle the first time to find your comfortable fit. Please avoid repeated opening, closing  or bending to your wrist.  Due to the natural characteristics of sterling silver/metals, constant manipulation will change the original comfy shape and the bangle will feel less and less comfy on your wrist and might even slip off. It might also result in cracking or ultimate failure of your piece.

We have found that the best way to put on your Cuff is to take the opening of the cuff and put it over the side of your wrist (which happens to be the skinniest part of your wrist). Then twist the cuff, allowing it to comfortably sit on your wrist, and you’re ready to go! Take off the cuff in the same fashion - simply twist the cuff so that it slides gently off the side of your wrist.