Filigree Ear-Jacket Earrings

Slightly ethereal earrings for the lover of unusual pieces. These fun filigree earrings not only flatter the ear but can be worn in 2 ways. You can wear them as simple blue studs or as blue studs with exquisitely styled wings floating behind them. The filigree butterfly wings are detachable meaning you can wear them behind any earring of your choice. Who doesn't love a flexible earring?

One of a kind studs that mean no-one else will have a pair quite like yours. Filigree is an ancient technique that seems to be dying out because it is time consuming. 

    • Blue Chalcedony gemstone 
    • Sterling silver
    • Stud size: 1.2cm x 1 cm
    • Length of earrings from top of stud to tip of wing: 4cm