Dainty Gemstone Ring

Just one gem for that one who is most beloved. A unique child, treasured partner, that good friend or your very own self! A simple gemstone cradled by a single silver strip that curls very comfortable around the finger.  This ring was inspired by the thought hold the ones you love close. 

The gemstones in this ring are small, whilst of an average size they lean towards dainty. 


  • Handcrafted ring
  • Sterling silver
  • Semi-precious gemstone - 4mm

We can make this with almost any gemstone. Please contact us if you want this customised. We love to create perfect pieces for our customers!

*Please note that these are photographs of selected pieces and all the rings might vary slightly as they are formed by hand, natural gemstones will also vary in exact color but they are all just as beautiful!


Each Dainty Gemstone ring is made to order. Please allow 3 to 14 working days (excluding shipping) for it to be created.