Claw Studs

I have this dog that I take on runs at a sunset. He gets very excited and usually jumps all over. His claws often snag my running pants. I have holes from them in my favourite pair, I love them. They remind me of how how many kilometres we have run together, how many times I wanted to cut the run short but my running buddy wouldn't let me.

One day after one these runs, I sat down to create a pair of earrings that blends with anything and laughed out loud when I saw that they looked like claws. Simple but sleek with a bit of an edge these comfortable studs have a pleasing chunky look from the front and a slight 'what's she wearing' look from the side. 

Turn heads with a subtle flash of silver that looks just right.

  • Handcrafted studs.
  • Dimensions: about 2.4 cm long.
  • Highly polished outside, matte inside.
  • Sterling silver

*Please note that this is a stock photo and all the studs might vary slightly as they are formed by hand, but they are all just as beautiful!