Basic Cleaning Services

Do you have any EILEEN M hanging out at the bottom of your jewelry box in need of some TLC? — Send it our way! We are always happy to make your EILEEN M feel brand new. 
Our basic cleaning services include the following at no charge:
  • Cleaning any dirt or tarnish off your jewelry
  • Polishing your jewelry so it sparkles like it first did when you got it!
All you have to do is mail your jewelry to the address below with your contact and shipping information,  let us know what you are sending and we'll take it from there. 
If you have a piece that's broken and in need of repair, contact us! Repairs and replacements are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and we'll respond as soon as possible with the next steps. 
*We recommend sending your EILEEN M jewelry back in a small box or padded envelope to promote a safer delivery! If you're sending your EILEEN M back to us in regular letter envelope, make sure you wrap it up in bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc first.