October 05, 2023 2 min read

If ever there was a gemstone that seems to have it all it is tourmaline. October babies are incredibly spoilt for choice and variety with this one. The name Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese (a language of Sri Lanka) word toramalli, which means many colored.

Dubbed the 'chameleon stone' by many; tourmaline certainly has a knack for mistaken identity. Parading in gorgeous reds, striking pinks, dazzling emeralds, pretty yellows and mysterious blues and electric violets it is not surprising that this gem has fooled Emperors and Kings. One of the “rubies” in the Russian crown jewels, the “Caesar’s Ruby” pendant, is actually red (rubellite) tourmaline. The confusion about the stone's identity carried on until scientists recognized tourmaline as a distinct mineral species in the 1800s.

Tourmaline is the Gemstone for the 8th Anniversary

When you look at a selection of tourmaline it is easy to see why the Ancient Egyptians believed that they got their amazing colors because they broke through a rainbow while pushing their way up through the earth. Not only do tourmalines come in various colors AND various shades, they also come in bi-color and multi color tourmaline! 

When it comes to strength and durability, tourmaline holds up pretty well. It is rated 7 to .5 on Mohs scale of hardness - that is a little bit harder than Quartz. This means it is generally suitable for everyday wear. It is stable enough to withstand light and most chemicals but can be damaged by heat. As for cleaning, warm soapy water and a soft brush tends to work best.

We currently have tourmalines in our Entwined Gemstone ring and Flame Lily Necklace. If you are a jewellery-lover with a penchant for color consider tourmaline!!


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