Butterfly bangle

Ever admired a bright wing against dry brown grass? Life, hope and beauty are stunningly captured in flashing wings. So we made a little reminder for you. One you can take with you everyday.

In many ways this bangle breathed life into our brand. It's become a symbol of hope, a sign of keep going, proof of life!

So of course it is designed to last a lifetime and beautifully wrought in solid silver.

  • Silver bangle with butterflies.
  • Solid silver.

The Butterfly bangle is made in an oval shape so that it sits comfortably on the wrist.

Please contact us if you want this customised. We love to create perfect pieces for our customers!

* Please include the circumference of the your wrist at checkout.

To measure take a tape measure, wrap it around your wrist exactly not loose, not tight. Check the measurement where the ends touch.